„Big 5“

A trip to the “Namibian Okavango Delta". You will experience the nature, environment and wildlife of the famous Okavango Delta, but in the Namibian Caprivi Strip. A journey for nature and animal lovers. On this journey you will see many different species of animals! The journey begins with white rhinos and then you will experience the wide range of different animal species in Namibia. The distinct contrast between the arid semi-desert areas of the Etosha National Park and the water-rich dry forests, mud flats and rivers of Caprivi shows a variety of different animals and plants because of the different habitats that almost no other country in Africa can offer. We recommend this trip for guests who want to experience a great biodiversity in the animal and plant world and want to deal intensively with the “living" world of Africa.

1 day:

Windhoek, game drive Arrival at Windhoek International Airport. After we have picked you up from the airport, we will show you Windhoek, the capital of Namibia, on a short city tour. We take you to old colonial buildings, such as the Christuskirche, the Tintenpalast, the “Alte Feste" and of course various modern impressions of the inner city. In order to get to know Windhoek from all perspectives, the former native district of Katutura is briefly visited. While strolling through the city you can let the colorful mix of Namibian's different peoples and cultures take their breath away. The opportunity to exchange money and make purchases of various kinds in Windhoek is taken care of. Additional activities included: In the afternoon you have your first encounters with the wildlife of Namibia. On the Okapuka Wildhegegebiet we do a game drive in the open four-wheel drive vehicle. With very high chance to encounter various antelope species, but also white rhinos and giraffes. OKAPUKA GAME RANCH. Overnight / Breakfast, B / F (A = dinner Ü = accommodation F = breakfast)

2./3. & 4th day:

Etosha National Park “Great White Square"

The Etosha National Park, is over 22 000 km / 2 in size and one of the most wildlife-rich parks in Africa. Exciting to discover a lion by the side of the road or to meet a herd of elephants is exciting, but you should be aware that you will find a very barren landscape in which the animal world has to endure very hard times. The Etosha Agame and the Paradise Crane arouse our interest as well as the impressive Makalanipalmen and very small Zwergrüsselantilope.

A pan full of nothing, and the over 4000 km² area, is surrounded by a constantly changing vegetation – so you drive from a dry forest in an endless grass steppe, which ends again in an acacia savanna and finally you are happy about the shadow of the dense mopane tree , The wildlife has lost the fear of vehicles and provides excellent opportunity for wildlife observation and photography. Several antelope species such as springbok, red hartebeest, wildebeest, ibex, dwarf antelope, rare black-nosed impala and oryx antelope can be found along the way. Predators like lions can be seen more often, leopards and cheetahs are less common. Pachyderms, such as the rare black rhinoceros and elephants are also at home here, giraffes on every corner and from the small animal and bird life you get a lot to see ..

Additional activities included: Game drives through the Etosha National Park are offered directly by us or undertaken in the vehicle with which we are otherwise on the road. OKAUKUEJO and / or HALALI REST BEARINGS Ü / F / A Note: Okaukuejo and Halali are in the middle of the Etosha National Park. Visitors can visit the well-frequented waterholes around the clock; a large Advantage, because you can move freely and spend the whole night in front of the “stage". Another overnight stay is at the gates of the national parkONGUMA BUSH CAMP Ü / F / A5.

Day: 5

Okavango at Rundu.
After a lot of dry bush in the form of acacia savanna and dry forests, we come to the gate in the north. Namibia's north is separated from active agriculture in central and southern Namibia by a veterinary fence due to strict export regulations. As soon as you leave the fence behind, a part of “picture book Africa" begins. You can see the first traditional huts, get the smoke of the native fire in the nose, chickens and cattle crossing the streets and you notice how the vegetation is getting lush. On the way we meet the pottery people of Nyemba and get the opportunity to buy a pot. HAKUSEMBE RIVER LODGE, B / L / D.

6th & 7th day:

Central Caprivi, Bwabwata National Park.
The Kwando River is characterized by wide reeds and reed belts, numerous lagoons and wide flood plains in the river, so there is also a lot of game. The waters are heavily populated with hippos, crocodiles and Nile monitors. A strong population of various antelope species, buffalo and many elephants quench their thirst on the banks of the Kwando. Birdwatchers get their money's worth here. Pure nature! NKASA LUPALA, B / L / D. Additional activities included: 1 x boat tour and 1 x game drive

8/9. Day:

Chobe National Park, Caprivi East
Today we head for the Chobe River. Not far from here, the countries of Namibia, Zambia, Botswana and Zimbabwe meet. Elephants, buffaloes, crocodiles, hippopotamus, antelopes and hundreds of different species of birds gather on the islands and on the banks of the Chobe, right in front of our accommodation. With luck you see a large herd of elephants swimming through the water, a unique experience. The Chobe River is considered one of the regions of Africa with the highest density of animals. For many kilometers, the Chobe River floods numerous flat islands every year. Life is “booming" here, because there is food for everyone here. The biodiversity of Chobe remains unforgettable. In the morning we are pleased the wake-up call of the Heuglin Heckensängers. Swarms of numerous gaffbills, widow ducks, spore geese and brown swallows pull over us during the bootstrap. Brown-fronted Egrets show up on the shore and the Blue-tailed Heron is impressive with its remarkable way of fishing by forming its wings into a bell. While an elephant struggles through the water, small red-crowned swallows sit close to the edge of the boat.

Additional activities included: Here the game drives are undertaken by boat. The flat aluminum boats are very comfortable (you also have plenty of space) and are very stable and quiet, ideal for any wildlife viewing and photography. Optionally, you can take a day trip to the Victoria Falls. Such an impressive natural spectacle can not be put into words. You visit the Victoria Falls and the big street market. HOUSE BOAT – “CHOBE PRINCESS" all inclusive

Services NOT included: Currently US $ 30.- for visa and US $ 30.- Entrance to the cases (please bring along separately) and the excursion or transfer to the Victoria Falls Caprivi West

The Kavango (Okavango) opens in front of us. Already in the afternoon we get to see the Popa rapids. A short hike to the falls and through the thickets of the Popa National Park has already delighted many nature lovers. We visit the Mahango National Park. Although the park is not very large, there are the rare black and white antelope, of course giraffes and often elephants, lychee moor antelopes, waterbuck and reedbuck on the banks of the Okavango. The majestic African fish eagle impresses with its reputation and remarkable appearance. We drive through the thick sand of the park, here we find the special plains zebra – a subspecies of the Chapman zebra and often also small buffalo herds. Our reliable vehicle also allows us to explore the east bank of the Okavango – in the Bwabwata National Park near Buffalo – here we already found huge buffalo and elephant herds, our destination here are also the magnificent cotton cranes and maybe even African snipe.

Additional activities included: We take a boat trip on the Okavango. Although we do not see as many animals here as on the Chobe, the landscape is beautiful. High jackalberry trees line the shore and here the sun sets beautifully. NUNDA RIVER LODGE Ü / F / A

14th day:

The last “day of the route" should progress quickly, so that there is still enough time in the capital to buy Namibian handicrafts as a souvenir. In Windhoek, many artists have teamed up to form a very large market, the “Craftcentre". Here, the customer may undisturbed admire and purchase the entire range of Namibian art. HOTEL / PENSION THULE Ü / F.

Services included:
Transfers as described in the itinerary

Transport in piste- and safari-friendly, local vehicles

Accommodation and meals as described in the itinerary

Activities as described in the itinerary

Entrance fees to the national parks and attractions as described in the itinerary

Trilingual experienced tour guide – guided tour in German

Not included:
personal expenses

Drinks and tips

International and domestic flights, we are happy to make you an offer with Air Namibia or South African Airways

Prices without flight per person in a double room (valid until October 2019) for a number of participants of:
4 persons: N $ 72,175.00 per person.

This trip can also be undertaken as a self-drive-tour

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