Experience Namibia at first hand with Pasjona Safaris. Discover the fauna-rich, fascinating land on exciting tours through nature.

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Get a sense of the flora and fauna in Namibia and discover a few selected moments of our tours.

Staubige Straßen Namibias

A Mercedes G on tour at dusk

Nilpferde im Wasser

Hippos from above in the overgrown water

Giraffe zwischen Sträuchern

A giraffe between dry shrubs

Giraffe trinkt am Fluss

A giraffe drinks from the river

Geländewagen im Matsch

The reliable SUVs defy mud, dust and sand

Elefant im namibischen See

Washing must be – even elephants

Elefant schwimmt im See

Elephants like to swim

Elefant an der Tränke

Refreshment at the waterhole

Elefantenherde in der namibischen Steppe

A herd of elephants on their way through the bush

Elefant frisst an einem Baum

Eating in the shade

Affe auf einer Baumwurzel

A baboon on a big tree root

Antilope in der Wüste

A female Impala looking for shade

Antilopen Männchen in Namibia

A young male antelope in the field of Namibia

Zwei Giraffen in der namibischen Steppe

Two Namibian giraffes

Zwei Zebras in Namibia

Two representatives of a herd of zebras in the bush of Namibia

Vogel auf einem Strauch

Snake neck bird (Anhinga rufa) on shrub

Wasserfälle in Namibia

Blue water and rugged rock, the impressive backdrop of a waterfall in Namibia

KLeiner Vogel auf einem ast

The varied colours of the bird world – Bee-eater (Merops pusillus)

Sträucher in Namibia

Shadow and food source of Namibia

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